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03 September 2010 @ 01:52 am
Let junior year begin!  
I am tipsy-updating. Which may or may not be a good idea. But I have cause to celebrate! :D After horrible schedule mix-ups and being dropped by a lab and turning into a total stress monster, I can now say that I have a perfectly functional schedule and I GOT ACCEPTED INTO A LAB. With an infinitely cooler postdoc to work under and really awesome lab research. I have moved on from mice over the summer to bacteria! Woo. I feel nerdy about being so excited about having a chance to sit in a lab all day.

Okay, that is all the awesome in my life currently. Besides the alcohol bit. The less awesome part of my life is that I did not get into French for the semester and was edged out by a bunch of baby freshmen who have horrible American accents. But I am trying to be less bitter.

At this point, I am rather proud of myself for spelling everything correctly in this post, really.

(Sorry for the side-effects of the tipsy-ness - more coherent life updates later! As in, sometime after I have slept off this lingering lack of sobriety. My life has more depth to it, I simply can't summon it at this moment.)
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